The GSX is upgraded with a new set of controllers and amplifiers, and runs on the highly advanced software of our flagship DTX Automatic Scribe and Break platform. The GSX is a cost effective way to extend and increase the life and performance of existing GST systems, or to get started using advanced dry dicing solutions for your R&D, pilot, and production programs.
  • Features


    The GSX provides a low cost alternative to our flagship DTX system, while still providing many of the DTX's advanced features, and is available as an upgrade to your existing GST or through the purchase of a factory refurbished GSX system.

    As the GSX is built upon existing systems and does not require the manufacturing of a new machine, it is also an excellent option for organizations that are focused on environmental impact.

    The GSX includes an upgrade to Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system allowing for increased system support both by Microsoft and Dynatex.

    The GSX runs on upgraded software previously exclusive to our DTX systems
    . This superior software is easy to use and includes our advanced vision system to process a wide range of application types. The GSX also includes remote system access for diagnostics, training, and troubleshooting by Dynatex's experienced team of field service engineers.

    Additional features of the GSX include:
    • High precision production and R&D functionality
    • Automatic Mode for load and run processing
    • Interactive/Semi-Automatic mode for operator controlled sequencing/processing
    • User friendly GUI for ease of process setup/use
    • Integrated scribe and break stages
    • Multiple break types/assemblies available
    • Up to 150 mm wafer and small piece processing
  • Specifications


    Wafer Size GSX-100 / GSX-150
    100 mm / 150 mm Dia.
    X Y Stage Resolution 0.25 micron (Hi Resolution System)
    Positional Repeatability +/- 3 microns
    Theta stage resolution 0.001 degree
    Axis controllers Galil Multi-Axis Controller Set
    System Remote Access RJ45 LAN – 100 MB/s Ethernet
    Allows for remote support/service and diagnostics, and process assistance.
    Operator interface (Monitor #1) GUI with Keyboard/Mouse input
    Operator control
    Operator interface (Monitor #2) Live video monitor
    Live wafer/process view
    Safety Locking hood; EMO switch
    PM Schedule 6 months (Bi- Annual)
    Diamond Scribe Modules
    Diamond Type Std: V-4-64 (4 Facet Heel/Toe)
    Multiple diamond types available
    Scribe angle Programmable
    24 to 40 degrees
    Scribe force Programmable
    Force Range: 2 grams to 200 grams
    Break Modules
    Impulse w/LVC Non-Contact breaking
    LVC (Local Vacuum Chuck) holds wafer – no topside contact on wafer
    Impulse w/Anvil Urethane Break Anvil(s)
    Can break down to 2:1 Aspect Ratio
    Matrix – Laser Bar Break of N x M Bar Array
    Efficient Laser Bar-to-Die separation
    Operating system Windows 10
    Operator interface/processing GUI-based: Fully programmable process setup; Automatic and Interactive process modes
    Allows for load and run automatic processing; or Interactive/Semi-Automatic operator guided processing
    Wafer profiling Vision system mapping of wafer for automatic processing
    Wafer profiling dynamically controls scribe start and stop points per wafer contour – this increases through-put
    Step compensation Automatic realignment of scribe and break actions
    Compensates for tape stretch, and part movement during processing
    Theta alignment Automatic wafer/piece alignment for each axis
    First street set Automatic set using vision
    Recipe editor All process parameters are stored in the recipe file
    Once a recipe is created and saved, the recipe is available for load and run
    Power 120 VAC 20 amp 50/60 Hz
    220 VAC 13 amp 50/60 Hz
    VacuumAir 15-28 in Hg, 0.5 CFM60 – 85 PSI Gauge
    381-711 torr, 234 cm3/sec
    Environment 60 – 80 deg. Fahrenheit
    15 – 27 deg. Celsius
    Humidity 40 – 60 % Relative
    Humidity (non – condensing)
    Footprint 32" W X 43" D X 71" H
    Allow 24" Front/Side Clearance
    Although the information and recommendations set forth herein are presented in good faith and believed to be correct, Dynatex International makes no representations as to their completeness or accuracy. Information is supplied upon the condition that the persons receiving will make their own verification and determination as to its suitability for their purposes prior to use. In no event will Dynatex International be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon this information. NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER NATURE ARE MADE HEREUNDER WITH RESPECT TO INFORMATION OR PRODUCT TO WHICH INFORMATION REFERS.
  • Applications


    • BioMedical devices with sensitive structures
    • BioMedical Glass with coatings
    • RFICs
    • Si-Photonics III-V chips
    • Laser Diode Cleaving and Matrix Bar-to-Die separation
    • OptoElectronics Devices (PhotoDiodes, Modulators, etc.)
    • MEMS
    • LEDs
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I was looking for a high quality scribing/breaking machine to cleave quantum cascade laser wafers into laser chips. I had a limited budget. The Dynatex team closely worked with me to fully understand the technical requirements for my laser fabrication processes. At the end, they offered me a refurbished system configuration within my budget that fully met my technical requirement. The system was pre-configured for wafer and chip dimensions that we had specified: a truly turn-key solution. We have been easily achieving mirror-like quality for laser facets with almost a 100% yield for the chip singulation. In addition, all our questions and concerns have been immediately addressed and we have never felt that we had to deal with technical problems alone. It is truly a pleasure to work with the Dynatex team and I strongly recommend their products to prospective buyers needing semiconductor wafer dicing equipment and/or services.

Arkadiy Lyakh, Assistant Professor, NSTC and CREOL, University of Central Florida

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