Contract Services

Contract Services

In response to customer requests, Dynatex International offers contract services that provide manufacturers solutions for even the most complex die separation methods.

Dicing Services

Dynatex International has the solution for dicing diverse materials in specific production requirements. Dynatex's expert engineers are available to provide superior services for dry process dicing and laser bar cleaving.

Emerging markets have considerable interest in dry process dicing and non-contact breaking due to the lack of interference with delicate topside features while processing, whereas traditional sawing introduces swarf particles into the devices. Dynatex has developed various scribe methods and numerous break methods that produce higher device yield than traditional sawing.
Wafer Dicing Services
Key Advantages

Key Advantages

Dynatex's Dry Dicing is the cleanest and most robust process for separating devices in a 24/7 production environment. The Dynatex engineers have developed fine-tuned processes to achieve optimal throughput rates while producing high device yields. Dry Dicing is ideal for processing the following materials:
  • III-V Substrates
  • Silicon wafers
  • Hard materials including:
    • Sapphire
    • Glass
    • Ceramics
  • Ultra Clean Devices

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