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Dynatex International now offers a line of solutions for cleaning up spills and contaminants. Our hyper absorbent lint-free wipes and sponges allow for the cleaning of critical surfaces in laboratories and cleanrooms without concern for introducing further contaminants. Our wipes and sponges are durable and reusable, providing a more economical answer when compared to disposable cleaning systems. This versatile system is suitable for many applications including laboratory and cleanroom use, wafer cleaning, and industrial janitorial use.

LabClean Wipes and Sponges

LabClean Wipes and Sponges provide a robust solution for removing liquids and contaminants from critical surfaces. All products are hyper absorbent and super durable. LabClean products are ideal for use in scientific laboratories and cleanrooms where contamination can mean the failure of major experiments or clinical trials.

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