KerfAid™ Dicing Surfactant

KerfAid Dicing Surfactant is a concentrated, aqueous-based solution of wetting agents and surfactants that reduces heat build-up and move swarf particles away from the kerf during the saw dicing process. It is completely water soluble, biodegradable and non-corrosive.

Given a potential for a 30% increase in blade life, improved cleanliness and up to 60% reduction of chipping an cracking, KerfAid Dicing Surfactant is a cost cutting, yield improving solution. When added to the cutting water by the DXL Series Surfactant Dispenser, KerfAid Dicing Surfactant provides an effective, integrated solution for improving saw dicing operations.
  • Features


    KerfAid Dicing Surfactant has four main functions: surfactant, lubricant, corrosion inhibitor and ESD preventative. All these factors contribute to an enhanced saw dicing process with improved yields.

    Improved Saw Cut

    Sawtech without KerfAid
    Sawtech with KerfAid

    Reduced Bond Pad Corrosion

    Bond Pad without KerfAid
    Bond Pad with KerfAid

    Reduced Corrosion

    Without KerfAid
    With KerfAid
  • Formulations


    • KA-101: Original formulation used for wafer dicing, package singulation and wafer cleaning.
    • KA-201: A higher concentrated formula of KA-101.
    • KA-205: A specially designed solution for use in high-pressure and high-volume applications.
    • KA-286: A highly concentrated formula, providing a lower cost of ownership. Includes the cleaning power of the other formulation, along with a corrosion inhibitor.
  • Specifications


    Product Specifications
    Solubility in water 100%
    Color Pink
    Physical State Liquid
    Shelf Life 2 years
    Container sizes 1 - 5 - 55 gallons, 1 metric ton
    Specific gravity 1.100 – 0.900
    Storage Cool dark location
    Other Contains no animal by-products
    Packaging Options
    One Gallon bottles The one-gallon bottle is the lightest and easiest to use at the point of consumption. It is often used when the process is in the development stage.
    Five gallon jugs The five-gallon jug is designed to fit inside all Dynatex DXL Surfactant Dispensers.
    Fifty-five gallon drums The fifty-five-gallon drum is economical and convenient for higher volume production.
    One-metric ton totes The one-metric ton tote is preferred for international ocean shipments.
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  • Applications


    • Saw Dicing
    • Wafer Thinning
    • Milling
    • Shaping
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Since using KerfAid products we have seen a major improvement on wafer cleanliness. Results can be seen immediately when dicing.
Chris C., Sawtech Precision Dicing

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