Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"Since using KerfAid products we have seen a major improvement on wafer cleanliness. Results can be seen immediately when dicing."

Before KerfAid After KerfAid

Chris C.
Sawtech Precision Dicing

"I was looking for a high quality scribing/breaking machine to cleave quantum cascade laser wafers into laser chips. I had a limited budget. The Dynatex team closely worked with me to fully understand the technical requirements for my laser fabrication processes. At the end, they offered me a refurbished system configuration within my budget that fully met my technical requirement. The system was pre-configured for wafer and chip dimensions that we had specified: a truly turn-key solution. We have been easily achieving mirror-like quality for laser facets with almost a 100% yield for the chip singulation. In addition, all our questions and concerns have been immediately addressed and we have never felt that we had to deal with technical problems alone. It is truly a pleasure to work with the Dynatex team and I strongly recommend their products to prospective buyers needing semiconductor wafer dicing equipment and/or services."

Arkadiy Lyakh
Assistant Professor, NSTC and CREOL
University of Central Florida

"We approached Dynatex International with a unique need of bonding a thin wafer to a thicker and robust wafer. Dynatex was the only company who offered this solution in a quick and efficient manner and also a competitively priced product. Additionally, Dynatex developed a custom process for our product and provided attentive and unlimited support for setting up and developing the process. They went above and beyond my expectations in terms of fast turnaround process development, tool lead time and cost savings."

Kierthi Swaminathan
Process Development Engineer
Power Integrations, Inc.

"We develop complete solutions for ultra-thin die assembly. When we approached Dynatex International we were in need of a temporary bonding material to attach ultra-thin wafers to handles to enable the assembly of ultra-thin dies for flexible functional devices. The temporary bonding material that Dynatex offers proved very easy to work with because of its form factor, precut sheets provided on a release liner, and compatibility with their wafer bonding equipment. Their material saved us money and resources by eliminating the need for spin coating a temporary bonding material and the necessity for spin coating equipment. We were delighted with the timely, experienced, and precise support that Dynatex provided to adapt the bonding material and processing condition to our specific needs. I would highly recommend Dynatex for wafer bonding equipment and material needs based on their excellent products and customer support."

Yuriy A. Atanasov
Senior Research Engineer
Uniqarta, Inc.
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